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Water Country USA Project UFO
New Leaks & Rumors Detail What to Expect from Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Water Park in 2025
By Zachary Posted in News on July 10, 2024 0 Comments 4 min read
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Per a collection of recently-obtained documentation, Water Country USA is planning the addition of a new water play structure for the 2025 season. These new documents detail the park’s plan to demolish the existing H2O UFO splash pad and its pair of associated kiddie tube slides in order to make way for a fresh, notably-larger water play structure for next year.

The site plan below spells out what specific elements of the existing H2O UFO area are slated for demolition ahead of 2025.

Utilizing the plan above, I have created the image below, which gives an appropriate demolition area for Water Country USA’s 2025 project overlayed onto a far easier to understand aerial view of the area.

Following demolition, site plans call for the construction of a new, larger splash pad area and enlarged concrete surround. As shown in the plan below, the land that is currently occupied by H2O UFO’s dueling kiddie tube slides is planned to be reallocated to this new, larger water play area and pool deck.

Unfortunately, the publicly-filed site plan above does not give us any details about the play structure the two contractors listed, ProSlide and Water Technologies, intend to install. Fortunately, we have been hearing some credible rumors about what we should expect.

Per information we have obtained via well placed, historically-reliable sources, H2O UFO is slated to be replaced by a sizable ProSlide RideHOUSE featuring three or four integrated slides, multiple water dump buckets, and a selection of other interactive water play elements. The play structure is also slated to feature numerous staircases and elevated walkways in order to provide ample access to the previously listed interactive components. Surrounding the main multi-story play structure, a variety of free-standing fountains and water play elements are planned around the edges of the pool area.

Overall, as far as attraction hardware goes, this project seems like an excellent and much-needed renovation. The current H2O UFO play structure is visually dated, lacks the interactivity and kineticism that has become industry standard in water park play areas, and, most importantly, is dramatically undersized for a park with the size and attendance of Water Country USA.

Though, thanks to internal sources, we do believe we have a fairly solid idea of the structural plans for this new water play area, we, unfortunately, do not currently have any insight into the project’s thematic direction.

Over the last decade or so, we have seen a severe degradation of Water Country USA’s mid-century Americana pop culture theme. In fact, H2O UFO is one of the few, clear, largely-intact remnants of that once prominent theme. I suspect that the most likely outcome here is that the “generification” of Water Country USA is set to continue with more, overused, uninspired beach/ocean/water decor and branding, rather than a more Water Country USA-appropriate direction like H2O UFO’s current sci-fi comic book aesthetic. I do hope United Parks surprises me though.

From everything I’ve seen, the ProSlide RideHOUSE structure being planned to replace H2O UFO for Water Country USA’s 2025 season will be an excellent addition to the park. I just hope that United Parks’ recent thematic investments into the likes of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s renovated Loch Ness Monster and SeaWorld Orlando’s new Penguin Trek continue with this new water play structure.

To close out this article, I wanted to share some photos of the current H2O UFO area, its lore-focused comic book panels, and its two white and yellow kiddie tube slides. Needless to say, this remnant of 90s Water Country USA will look dramatically different next season.

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Have nostalgia for H20 UFO that you need to get off your chest? Have thoughts about its planned replacement? Want to ask super nerdy questions about the project? Passionate about keeping UFOs at Water Country USA? Whatever the reason, consider joining in on the discussion of Water Country USA’s 2025 attraction over in the dedicated thread on our associated forum,, here.

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Water Country USA WCUSA Project 2025

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