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Partial Project 2021 Site Plan

Newly-Filed RPA Impacts Map Depicts a Section of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Unannounced 2021 Roller Coaster

I spent the morning promising “2020 news” on Twitter and ParkFans. Well, I must admit that was slightly (intentionally) misleading. While there was Pantheon news today (track is on site!), the “2020 news” I’m writing about today is probably more accurately described as “news from 2020“—specifically news that we expect will be announced in 2020 […]

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Howl-O-Scream 2019: First Impressions

A Long-Form Manifesto on the Current State of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Annual Halloween Event

Prologue Last week we experimented with reviving a classic form of BGWFans content, the comprehensive, in-depth photo update. This week, I want to give a relatively new-for-BGWFans format a try: An editorial-style first impressions article revolving around a new or updated park offering. In the early years of BGWFans, we published comprehensive reviews of each […]

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Mid-September Photo Update: Gods, Dragons, and Monsters

A Comprehensive Look at Everything Happening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Water Country USA

Prologue I have been feeling nostalgic lately and, with so much happening at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (and Water Country USA) right now, I thought I’d hold some content back from our social media channels for a bit and take the time to write a longform, in-depth photo update. Somehow, that idea ballooned into this absolutely […]

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Newly-Leaked Document Depicts Project 2021's Station

Leaked Floor Plan Supposedly Depicts Plans for a New Roller Coaster Station in Festhaus Park

This is not a normal BGWFans leak. Typically, our coverage of unannounced attractions proceeds fairly formulaically—we identify internal park activities and patterns that suggest an upcoming attraction is on the way, we track public filings, and then, if the stars align, we leak as many actual, legitimate, confirmable documents as we possibly can from sources […]

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Pantheon Cheat Sheet

Everything We Know About Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2020 Roller Coaster

Pantheon Basics Pantheon is a new Roman-god-themed, Intamin-made, steel roller coaster which is slated to open in the Spring of 2020. Notable features of the ride include four launch experiences (three forward, one backwards), a fast-track switch which will change the layout of the coaster while the train is in motion, a 180 foot, 95° […]

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🍲 ➕ 🍷 🎉 📝

Test Review; Please Ignore

💭 This is, quite literally, the worst thing I’ve ever done… That said, I promised I’d do it… So here goes nothing… 📖 As we were planning for our annual, comprehensive Food & Wine Festival tasting, one of our tasters made a joke about how no one actually reads our painstakingly-crafted and incredibly-expensive-to-create reviews. That […]

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Project 2021 Height Waiver Vote Happens Tomorrow

James City County's Board of Supervisors is Slated to Consider BGW's 355ft Height Waiver (Again)

June 11th, 2019 Update: At tonight’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting, James City County approved the 355 foot height waiver Busch Gardens Williamsburg requested! Now that Project 2021 can move forward, we have launched a new page dedicated to tracking the progress on BGW Project 2021. If you’d like to catch up on information you may […]

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Early June BGW Update

It has been a long time since BGWFans published a basic, barebones, in-park construction update to its frontpage. Instead, progress photos for new rides, shows, etc have been largely relegated to our various social media channels for the past few years. That said, now that we have a major new roller coaster to keep tabs on […]

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Born From the Ashes

A few weeks ago, Busch Gardens Williamsburg opened Finnegan’s Flyer, the park’s new S&S Screamin’ Swing, to near-universal acclaim. This weekend, Water Country USA will be allowing membership holders the opportunity to preview their brand new, incredible-looking water coaster, Cutback. In 2020, as we recently exposed through a collection of leaked internal documents, Busch Gardens […]

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BGW Project 2021

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has filed for a new height waiver requesting permission to construct a structure of up to 355 feet above finished grade. This planned structure is to be located in the Oktoberfest area and is currently labeled as “Busch Gardens Project 2021” in James City County’s permitting system. This new height waiver appears […]

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Solving for Y in MMXX

Important Note This article assumes a fair bit of knowledge regarding Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s 2020 addition. If you are not yet familiar with what Busch Gardens Williamsburg plans to build, please read this article before proceeding. We have been on top of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s 2020 roller coaster for years now and, despite successfully leaking nearly […]

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Project 2020 Revealed

🎵  I think that, any leaks are good leaks, so I took what I could get 🎵  Source looked at me with big brown eyes and said 🎵  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet 🎵  Baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-n-nothin’ yet 🎵  Here’s something, here’s something, here’s a leak you’ll never forget 🎵  Baby, you […]

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Project Madrid Site Plans

DISCLAIMER This is still a breaking story. The article below should be considered a work in progress for as long as this disclaimer is present. In its current state, this post is not up to BGWFans’ typical quality standards but, in the interest of getting it published before anyone signs off for the night, we […]

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2019 Projects: Revisited

“But y’all already leaked what Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA are building next year! Why y’all writin’ another article?!” Well, dear reader, a closer look at either of the articles you’re referencing (BGW’s, WCUSA’s) would reveal that those were theories. Pretty good theories in my honest opinion, but theories nonetheless. This article is […]

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Railroad Fire Shuts Down Part of Busch Gardens

Here we are again. Following the New Years Eve forest fire and the Escape from Pompeii roof fire, we have a third major fire event at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This afternoon, one of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s trains burst into flames behind the Caribou Train Station injuring one person. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, […]

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Revealing Water Country USA's 2019 Attraction Plans

Guess who’s back, back again BGWFans back, tell a friend I’ve created a monsta, ’cause nobody wants to see reviews no more They want leaks, opinions are chopped liver Well if you want leaks, then this is what I’ll give ya A little bit of analysis mixed with some hard data Some hypotheses that will jump […]

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Project Madrid is a Coaster

In an effort to avoid burying the lead, let’s jump right into the news. One of our forum members, kingadam, tipped us off to a new filing with James City County regarding Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Festa Field plans (codenamed Project Madrid). The site plan included in this new round of documents depicts impervious areas of […]

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Project 2019 Revealed

Newly Uncovered Planning Documents Suggest a Major New Flat Ride for Next Season

A Little Context In late April we shared that Project Madrid—long thought to be the next major attraction addition for Busch Gardens Williamsburg—was currently forecast for a 2020 opening date. Around that same time, we started talking about a possible Water Country USA project for 2019. In mid-May we elaborated on those rumors—specifically stating that, […]

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Permit Filed for Dedicated Entertainment Facility

According to a new special use permit filed with James City County late last month, Busch Gardens Williamsburg appears to be giving their entertainment department something they have needed for decades now: dedicated, non-theater space inside the park. The Plans So, what is the permit for exactly? A 15,500 square foot rectangular building located behind […]

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Sesame Place Williamsburg

This morning we rode Battle for Eire, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s brand new, first-of-its-kind VR attraction. If you are looking for Battle for Eire content, for now, check out the most recent posts in this thread on or our social media channels (particularly Instagram). Anyway, you’d think that something that noteworthy would be monopolizing the BGW news […]

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