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First Impressions of Pantheon

Thoughts & Reviews from Anonymous Busch Gardens Williamsburg Employees

At long last, Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s much-anticipated, Intamin-made, swing-launch coaster, Pantheon, finally saw its first large batch of riders on February 3rd. During an employee-exclusive event held yesterday, park employees were given the opportunity to ride Pantheon a nearly-unlimited number of times—day and night. Over the past 24 hours or so, I’ve been in contact […]

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Mardi Gras 2022 Food Review

What do you do, when you realize it is going to snow the first weekend of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Mardi Gras event? Do you postpone your review of the 19 themed dishes until the following Saturday? Do you decide no one really needs your opinions of this entirely custard and balsamic free event anyway? Well, […]

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January 2022 Photo Update

Our First Photo Update of 2022 Features Everything from Renovations & Repaints to Hints at Battle for Eire's Future

With Busch Gardens Williamsburg operating year-round nowadays, we have been granted the opportunity to observe a ton of fairly routine maintenance work that we’ve never been able to witness previously. Better yet, after years of deferred projects as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this “off-season” has been a particularly busy one thus far by […]

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Project DarKoaster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is Developing a New, Unique, Intamin-Made, Quad-Launch, Indoor, Family Roller Coaster to Replace Curse of DarKastle

Psssst. Before we get into today’s story, I just have a few requests. Please read all of the colored text boxes (like this one). The white boxes just offer a bit of cheeky fun—but the colorful ones only contain important information, I swear. After (and only after!) you read the whole article: Feel free to […]

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BGWFans Leaks SeaWorld Orlando's Project Penguin

Sibling Gossip So Juicy We Just Had to Share

Hey you—yeah, you. I know you’re probably planning to skip past all this text as you go lookin’ for photos and videos. Though I’d certainly prefer that you read the whole piece, I know it’s fairly likely that you won’t. With that in mind, before you get goin’, could I ask for just a couple […]

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Drachen Spire's Slumber

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Long-Planned Giga Shuttle Coaster Still Has Yet to Recover from COVID

Thanks to a treasure trove of newly-obtained, internal SEAS documentation, we can now say with a high degree of certainty that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is not currently planning to pursue their long-sought giga coaster project in time for a 2023 debut. Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s thoroughly-leaked, Intamin-made, giga, shuttle coaster known to BGWFans readers as “Drachen […]

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A Brief Word Regarding BGWFans' Position on Project Codenames

Throughout BGWFans’ more than 10 year history, we have leaked a lot of major Busch Gardens Williamsburg attraction additions. Historically, we have typically tried to identify yet-to-be-announced BGW rides by their anticipated debut year. For instance, prior to their official announcements, we identified Verbolten as Project 2012, Tempesto as Project 2015, InvadR as Project 2017, […]

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Comparing All Three East Coast 2021 Howl-O-Scream Events

Our Thoughts After Visiting Howl-O-Scream Williamsburg, Tampa, and Orlando in One Weekend

Last weekend Zachary and I flew to Florida and back so that we could experience Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights and the opening weekends of all three east coast Howl-O-Scream events (Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Busch Gardens Tampa, and SeaWorld Orlando). Initially, we had considered evaluating all four together, but have decided the HHN is […]

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Full Howl-O-Scream 2021 House & Show Lineup Leaked

Ahead of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Howl-O-Scream 2021 Announcement, BGWFans Has Obtained Details on All of the Park's New Houses & Shows

August 10th Update:Most of the lineup has now been officially announced! Check out the update at the end of this article for more details! Oh boy, this is gonna to be a blockbuster… BGWFans has now sourced, corroborated, and, through examination of internally-sourced documentation, essentially confirmed the house and show lineup for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s […]

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The Pantheon Problem

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2020 Roller Coaster Addition is Unlikely to Open Before 2022

Since COVID-19 walloped the United States in March of 2020, we have been fairly timid in regards to forecasting an opening timeline for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s long-awaited, Intamin multi-launch coaster, Pantheon. This hesitancy hasn’t been rooted in a lack of insight into the status of the project, a lack of rumors surrounding an opening timeline, […]

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Howl-O-Scream 2021 Details Begin to Bubble to the Surface

Details Ooze Forth Regarding the Upcoming Resurrection of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Signature Halloween Event, Howl-O-Scream

Earlier today Busch Gardens Williamsburg pushed a handful of blockbuster changes out to the Howl-O-Scream website. Most notably among them was a basic skeleton for this year’s event. Howl-O-Scream 2021 Lineup Howl-O-Scream 2021 is slated to feature five houses, four terrortories (read: scarezones), and four shows. Of those five houses, three will be new with […]

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Project  ♊︎

Newly Revealed Plans Depict Water Country USA's Next Big Attraction Addition

Back in February we published a story outlining the early signs indicating to us that something notable was in development for the current site of Water Country USA’s Aqua Skoot, Rampage. In the months since, Water Country USA has reopened for the first time since 2019 and both Rampage, and its neighboring tube slide, Wild […]

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Enormous Event Building Proposed Near Festhaus Park

The Single Most Interesting Article About a New Warehouse Imaginable

I know this article isn’t short and the title sounds like a snooze-fest. Give it a shot though. I assure you, there’s something for everyone in here. Howl-O-Scream? Project Madrid? Pantheon & Drachen Spire? This piece has it all. Part I: Background Busch Gardens Williamsburg has morphed a lot over the years, but there are […]

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Is Busch Gardens Surrendering the Battle for Eire?

After Just Two Short Years of Operations, Could this Innovative, Immersive, One-of-a-Kind, Virtual Reality Attraction Have Already Given its Final Rides?

This post is going to feel hauntingly familiar. Back in late 2017, we wrote The Curse is Fading, an article outlining the early, tentative evidence suggesting to us that Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s beloved darkride, Curse of DarKastle, may have already seen its final riders. Back then, Battle for Eire was right on the horizon—in fact, […]

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Our Comprehensive Review of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2021 Food & Wine Festival

We Sampled, Rated, and Photographed Every Dish & Non-Alcoholic Beverage at BGW's Annual Food Event

It is that time again: BGWFans’ annual foodie adventure. For the 2021 “Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel” edition, Zachary and I were joined by my friend Renee and ParkFans Co-Admin Gavin. In one hectic afternoon, we sampled every dish and non-alcoholic beverage at Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s annual Food & Wine Festival. The […]

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WCUSA Project 2022...?!

New Evidence Suggests Water Country USA Could be Evaluating Rampage's Site for Future Development

There’s a winter storm pummeling much of the country, we just marked Valentines and Presidents Day off our calendars, and we’re still in the midst of a devastating, world-altering, global pandemic. Taken together, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that February 16th, 2021 is an odd time to talk about Water Country USA—yet here we […]

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Taste of Busch Gardens Review

Our Comprehensive Review of Every Dish at Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Taste of Busch Gardens Event

Unique Conditions 2020 has been a horrible year in a variety of ways. It has gifted us a pandemic, massive wildfires, hurricanes, killer hornets, and nationwide protests. I am writing this article in September instead of May, however, because 2020 also closed our theme parks and postponed and reduced Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Food & Wine […]

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Will Pantheon & Aquazoid Amped Open in 2020?

New Evidence and Rumors Suggest the Two Major 2020 SEAS Projects in Virginia May See Substantial Delays

As eyes slowly turn towards reopening a post-COVID-19 world, we’ve been inundated with one question over and over again: “Will Pantheon and/or Aquazoid Amped open in 2020?” Obviously, until Busch Gardens Williamsburg makes an announcement one way or the other, we’re unlikely to know for sure. What we do know, however, is that there is […]

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New Site Plan Provides First Glimpse at La Cucina Renovations

Site Plans Depict New Bar & Checkout Setup at Festa Italia's Oft-Forgotten Restaurant, La Cucina

Hey everyone, quick note before we get started: The article below was written last week and scheduled for a March 12th publication. In the time since, COVID-19 has flipped BGW, the amusement industry, and to some extent, society as a whole on its head. Due to the impacts of the Coronavirus, projects like the one […]

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Apollo's Chariot May Not Be Ready for Opening Day

New Quick Queue Offering Suggests Apollo's Chariot Won't be Ready to Reopen with the Park on March 15th

As opening day approaches, bits and pieces of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s website have been slowly receiving updates. Most of these changes have been pretty mundane, but, as one of ParkFans’ forum members, FoozMuz, pointed out this morning, there is a particularly suspicious recent change to the park’s Quick Queue offerings. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is now […]

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