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The Pantheon Problem

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's 2020 Roller Coaster Addition is Unlikely to Open Before 2022

Since COVID-19 walloped the United States in March of 2020, we have been fairly timid in regards to forecasting an opening timeline for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s long-awaited, Intamin multi-launch coaster, Pantheon. This hesitancy hasn’t been rooted in a lack of insight into the status of the project, a lack of rumors surrounding an opening timeline, […]

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What If... Threadneedle Faire Became a Seasonal Event

Why Busch Gardens Williamsburg Should Resurrect a Long-Secret, Internal Event Concept to Replace Mardi Gras Next Season

Ever since Busch Gardens Williamsburg reopened, we have been able to experience a variety of limited-capacity special events ranging from the food-inspired Taste of Busch Gardens to the animal-focused Winter Weekends. Given the park’s resource and time constraints, these offerings have varied in quality and creativity. Of all of them, however, last month’s Mardi Gras […]

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The Curious Case of Water Country USA's Unlimited Splash Pass

A Confounding Dive into Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Weirdest, Most-Broken Membership Offering

DISCLAIMER: The chances that this pass will act as advertised are essentially zero. Good luck arguing your case at Guest Services—you’re unlikely to prevail. You’ve been warned. BGWFans has discovered the deal of a lifetime and we are sharing this opportunity exclusively with you, our loyal readers! A deal like this can’t last long, and […]

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Howl-O-Scream 2019: First Impressions

A Long-Form Manifesto on the Current State of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Annual Halloween Event

Prologue Last week we experimented with reviving a classic form of BGWFans content, the comprehensive, in-depth photo update. This week, I want to give a relatively new-for-BGWFans format a try: An editorial-style first impressions article revolving around a new or updated park offering. In the early years of BGWFans, we published comprehensive reviews of each […]

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