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Project 2015: Premier Rides LSM Catapult Coaster for Festa Italia

Speculative Project 2015 Concept Art

The Attraction

From early whispers to the latest evidence provided by site plans submitted to James City County by Busch Gardens Williamsburg, all signs are currently pointing squarely at an off-the-shelf Premier Rides LSM Catapult Coaster being added to the park’s collection of roller coasters for the 2015 season. Though nothing has been officially announced as of yet and the basic site plan we have only reveals the location, shape, size, and footer layout of the attraction, seeing that all of that information matches perfectly with an existing Premier Rides LSM Catapult Coaster model, we believe it’s safe to assume that’s exactly what we’re looking at for 2015. As far as the image above goes, it’s based on rumored colors for Project 2015 and created from concept art for Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the first installation of the LSM Catapult Coaster model that seems to be making its way to Williamsburg in 2015. The image above was created for concept purposes only and should be taken with a spoonful of salt.
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Manufacturer: Premier Rides

Model: LSM Catapult Coaster

Height: 156 Feet

Drop: 150 Feet

Length: 863 Feet

Top Speed: 62 MPH

Inversions: One

Duration: 50 Seconds


Off-Ride Video

On-Ride POV

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Ride Experience

Riders are first launched out of the station and up the taller of the ride’s two towers. After stalling about one fourth of the way up the tower, the train rolls back towards the station and is then launched backwards through the station and up the shorter tower. As the train approaches the apex of the non-inverting loop, the train stalls once again and then proceeds to roll back down into the station for a second time. Once again, the train is launched forwards through the station- this time giving it enough momentum to travel all the way up the roller coaster’s taller tower. After cresting the ride’s highest point, the train enters a slow in-line twist which dangles riders upside down over the attraction’s station and launch. After exiting the only inversion in the layout, riders are inched over the coaster’s tallest drop with the aid of a set of magnetic trim brakes installed at the top of the drop. You can expect an effect slightly reminiscent to Griffon’s holding brake on its vertical dive- just no where near as pronounced.
As the train clears the magnetic trim at the top of the drop, it dives downward as it spins riders 180 degrees back towards the ride’s taller tower. After clearing the drop, the train immediately enters a non-inverting loop- an element that closely resembles a vertical loop except, instead of the train staying inside the element, it twists outward, crests the loop on top of the track, and then twists back down inside the loop at the exit of the element. After completing the non-inverting loop, the train flies back through the station for a third time and proceeds part way back up the taller of the coaster’s two towers. A little way up the tower, the train, once again, stalls and rolls back down into the station where it’s brought to a stop.


[streetview width=”100%” height=”500px” lat=”37.234429″ lng=”-76.642271″ heading=”29.38562355090829″ pitch=”5.737479227438571″ zoom=”2″][/streetview]

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Raw Site Plan

Color Coded Site Plan


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