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The Curious Case of Water Country USA's Unlimited Splash Pass

A Confounding Dive into Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Weirdest, Most-Broken Membership Offering

DISCLAIMER: The chances that this pass will act as advertised are essentially zero. Good luck arguing your case at Guest Services—you’re unlikely to prevail. You’ve been warned. BGWFans has discovered the deal of a lifetime and we are sharing this opportunity exclusively with you, our loyal readers! A deal like this can’t last long, and […]

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COVID Compensation Complications

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's New Coronavirus Membership Upgrade Plan Introduces Issues

In this weird pandemic-induced dystopia, I was not expecting to find myself sitting down to write an article about park passes for BGWFans. Everyone in the world is self-isolating, deaths across the country continue to climb, and theme parks are ghost towns. But this week, some interesting news arrived in our inboxes, setting off a […]

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"Summer Rewards"

So, Zachary and I had been considering when and if we were going to write a front page article on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s newest ride, Battle for Eire. It seems like a reasonable topic, and we have been asked for a formal review. Unfortunately, that discussion has, again, been completely derailed—this time by the park’s […]

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