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By Zachary Posted in on April 28, 2021 0 Comments 1 min read
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Easily the strongest at the event, the Mediterranean Booth served us our picks for both Best in Show: Savory and Best in Show: Refresher. The Lamb Burger Slider offered an amazing and cohesive array of flavors and textures in a generous portion size. The feta sauce was tangy and creamy and the lamb herby. The orzo and feta complimented each other perfectly, providing interesting textures. The Spanakopita, which was Reneeā€™s Pick, featured a warm and flavorful filling, wrapped in flaky filo, and accompanied by a tangy lemon sauce. The Dolmades, however, struck us as oily and bland. Similarly, we found the Loukoumades wanting. Unlike the beignets, they were heavy, dry, chewy, and lacking in the advertised cinnamon. The surprise hit of the kiosk was the Iced Cafe Au Lait, the Best in Show: Refresher winner. While this non-alcoholic beverage has historically been fairly boring, this year we were stunned by the hints of cinnamon, orange zest, and even Sambuca in the drink. We strongly recommend it with the lamb slider.

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